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Welcome to Singapore Innovations Pte Ltd

Shaping the Future

Special Purpose Creative Entity, Singapore Innovations Pte Ltd, incorporated in Singapore, since Feb 2016 to research and develop unique products and applications from novel ideas and concepts to serve the humanity better.

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Who We Are

Backed by Four Decades of Experience

Mr E.T Mohan Dass - Chairman / Director - Mechanical Engineering Honours Graduate; Chartered Engineer (I Mech. E.) UK; Singapore PE, with more than 47 years of industrial engineering experience and he also holds an MBA. He has worked in Singapore private and public sectors, in power and marine industries, local and US & Danish multinationals and Institution of higher learning. He also has business experiences owning & running a solar (PV) integration company in Singapore and a balance of plant (BOP) manufacturing unit in India. Till 2016 (5 yrs.) he was with an Energy Research Institute in the capacity of Senior Scientist.

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Our Mission

To Translate Ideas Into Reality for  a Better World

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Our Core Values

  • Honesty in what we say.

  • Truthfulness in what we claim.

  • Sincerity in what we do.

  • Respect others ideas.

  • Create and share knowledge.

  • Professional integrity with facts.​

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Technologies Being Developed

Current Works

  1. Controllable Dual Vortex Flow Generator.

  2. Power Switching Device.

  3. Hydrokinetic Micro `Power Generator.

  4. 500 kW Floating Tidal Power Plant.

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(1) Controllable Dual Vortex Flow Generator.

{Completed & Available}


  • Cross Flow Ventilation

  • Temperature Homogenization

  • Density Homogenization

  • Gas Mixing / Blending

  • Vaporization

  • Indoor air quality control

  • RV / Mobile Homes

  • Automobile Cabin Climate Control

  • Off-grid RE Power

Demonstration Unit.jpg

(2) Power Switching Device

{Completed & Available}

All solid-state electronic power switching circuit designed to respond to 4 to 20 DCV signal of any origin. Switching thresh hold setting is adjustable to suite the application and site conditions. Output from the device is capable of operating up to five (5), 65 ampere contactors.


  • Heavy loads like fans and pumps

  • Street & General Lighting

  • Exhaust air ventilation

  • Water tank

  • Perimeter security

using trigger condition like ambient light, CO2, water level, intruder, etc.

Day Light Control Unit_edited_edited.jpg

(3) Hydrokinetic Micro Power Generator.

At Prototype stage - Available for Industry Joint Development

Developed for powering electronic water meters.


  • Fitted in series like a pipe fitting (40 x 40 x 70 mm).

  • Totally Sealed (weather and water proof) - No maintenance.

  • With Li Battery or with Super Cap.

Micro Power Generator.JPG

(4) 500 kW Floating Tidal Power Plant.

Ideal for many island locations (+ or – 20° of Equator) to replace diesel power generation systems.

Have completed proof of principle, design, cost estimates for a 500 kw floating barge marine energy power plant suitable for 2.5 m/sec tidal currents at near shore (less than 1 Km and 30 m depth) sites and for unmanned operation. Can be configured for pure electrical AC power export of 500 kw only or ~4000 m3 /day desalinated water only or shared. Top foot print of the novel multi-purpose barge can accommodate another (minimum) 60 kw PV power plant.

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